in the digital age, growth isn't possible without the right technology. that's especially true today, as the hospitality industry continues to suffer through the biggest crisis it's ever endured. 
talent is hard to come by, and you likely have your best people working on menial, repetitive, inefficient tasks when they should be focused on delighting your customers.
take your wine and spirits inventory, for example. it represents the highest profitability in your business model, but how well is it performing for you?
if you aren't tracking your inventory accurately, you're missing opportunities. 
we hear you! you're saying "but inventory takes time, and it's never precise!" 
yes, we know. oh, how we know. 
unfortunately, that reflects on the floor in lost sales, frustrated customers, and flustered floor staff. there's nothing worse than ordering a bottle of wine only to be told, 15 minutes later, that the server can't find it or that you're "out of stock." or maybe it was your sommelier's night off and the server didn't have the confidence to seal the deal on a high-value purchase. it happens all the time!
granted, there are myriad ways to lose money in a restaurant. theft, overpouring, undercharging, spoilage, spillage, inefficient reporting, over-ordering, stock-outs, and not to mention all those payroll hours spent managing inventory, poring over spreadsheets, crunching numbers, chasing down lost bottles ... it's never-ending and mostly thankless, i think we can all agree.
in light of the current labor crisis, we'd wager most of you aren't doing inventory at all as you just can't spare the time or the resources. and if you are, how is that affecting your labor costs? how burned out is your staff? are your margins any better for it?
but what if things were different? what if you could boost productivity, increase sales, keep your employees happy, improve performance, blow your customers' minds, AND reduce costs? 
imagine, pinpoint accurate inventory, anytime, anywhere, without counting or weighing one more bottle, ever again.
what if we told you that, depending on the size of your operation, our inventory system can save you between $25,000 - $250,000 every year?
and that's not to mention the improvements in employee happiness, retention, and general enthusiasm.
this is not an empty promise. and it's not just for the "big cats" either.
Real-Time Inventory for Wine-Centric Hospitality
our solution is purpose-built for wine-centric restaurants and hotels of all sizes, providing real-time inventory tracking, a robust reporting and business intelligence platform, wine sales enablement, automated ordering, and integrations with your existing systems to pull it all together.
we've even got a customer-facing app so your people can interact with your wine list, get suggestions tailored to their tastes and budget, and find you locally, based on the wines they like.
it's simple, it's elegant. most importantly, it will save you oodles of time and money. 
perhaps best of all (#goals) it will remind you of why you chose hospitality as your path in life. 
Space Age Logic is the jet-pack we've all been waiting for.

why are we singularly qualified to lead this mission? 
so glad you asked. 
with more than 40 years of experience in hospitality and a LOT of time spent in the trenches consulting, managing, and working with boutique accommodations and restaurants at every level of service, we've seen first-hand what the challenges are and we know how to solve them. we are sommeliers, managers, chefs, innkeepers, accountants, service professionals, and problem solvers. we are you.
so if you're frustrated with all the time you spend on mundane daily tasks, if you're having a hard time finding and keeping good employees, maintaining your margins, managing the workload, or connecting with your customers as much as you'd like, if you think there's nothing much you can do about it (barring the ability to clone yourself), that's all about to change. 

your time is valuable, and people are the most important part of your success. stop wasting time and money doing something you don't enjoy and get back to what's important.
we want to solve our industry's problems, so we're starting by setting a new standard in wine and spirits management. that's who we are.
as for you, you'll never do a physical inventory ever again and that, in itself, is cause for celebration.
pop the cork!
join the mission today.
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